Treatment Philosophy

Philosophy of care:

Sanctuary®… That’s a word that you hear quite often around Parsons. It’s a word you know, but you learn quickly that it has a different meaning here.

What does Sanctuary® mean at Parsons? Sanctuary® is the name of a model, a way of thinking and acting that everyone in the Parsons Community has adopted as the best way to help children and families pull their lives back together after experiencing devastating or traumatic events. By practicing the Sanctuary Model®, we make Parsons a special place where everyone – children, family members, practitioners, and administrators can work together to make their lives better.

So what are the basic building blocks of the Sanctuary Model®? How does it all work? The building blocks have a shared language called S.E.L.F – Safety, Emotion management, Loss and Future.

  • The Parsons Community is a place where everyone feels safe from physical harm; a place where we deal with our feelings, and everyone around us, with a sense of honesty and respect. When we declare our feelings, we feel respected and supported in return.
  • All of us understand that we need to manage our feelings; to keep distressing feelings from escalating to a point where we may hurt ourselves or others, and that we need to help each other cope when things become difficult.
  • We know there will be losses in our lives; situations that, no matter how hard we try, simply will not change. At Parsons, we help those struggling with loss to heal.
  • Above all, no matter how bad things have been in the past, we encourage each other to imagine and work toward a better future.

So you see, Sanctuary® is a life approach that respects, comforts, and encourages all the members of our Parsons Community.

As you become a member of a team or workgroup at Parsons, you will learn more about the Sanctuary Model® and the influence it has on the Parsons Community. You will come to know what we all know…The Sanctuary Model® creates an emotionally and physically safe environment where the children and families in our care, and all of us at Parsons, with each others help and understanding, can learn and grow to their fullest potential.

Welcome! We’re glad you’re here…

-Sanctuary® Institute-