Campus Updates

With a large number of buildings on our Albany campus, it can be difficult for first responders, visitors, and delivery drivers to find the right location. In the name of both safety and convenience, we have updated the old campus map to ensure that each building is easily identifiable.

Buildings across campus have received new identification signs, with the building's designated letter. Signs have been adhered to locations that allow for quick and efficient identification.


May 3, 2019

courtyard_etc_5.1.19_13.JPG    ambassadors_05.06.19_64.JPG

The Behavioral Health Care Center interior courtyard and outdoor patio area were complete this week. The youth and staff are looking forward to enjoying the sunshine in these locations. 


April 15, 2019

ProCore_04.15.19_1.jpeg   ProCore_04.15.19_2.jpeg

Framing and drywall are complete in the Behavioral Health Care Center Residental South Wing.  Acoustical ceiling grid is about 90% complete in the Clinical Area.  

April 8, 2018

2019.04.05 ProCore (3).jpeg    2019.04.05 ProCore (4).jpeg

Tile work has begun in the Behavioral Health Care Center bathrooms. We are loving the results!

April 5, 2019

2019.04.05 ProCore (1).jpeg   2019.04.05 ProCore (2).jpeg

Looking forward to having our youth wake up to these views. 

March 26, 2019

The City of Albany approved the amendment to the district plan for the RTC project and issued a negative declaration on the SEQR. Construction is scheduled to begin Summer 2019. 

March 25, 2019

pipes and rossetti tour 3.25.19  (24).JPG  pipes and rossetti tour 3.25.19  (26).JPG

The Campus Project Youth Ambassadors meet weekly with BBL site supervisor and other contractors onsite to learn about the Behavioral Health Care Project. Their ideas and questions,  keep the project team on our toes!


March 20, 2019

pipes and rossetti tour 3.25.19  (8).JPG  pipes and rossetti tour 3.25.19  (6).JPG

Galusha & Sons will be onsite for the next 2 weeks to update our storm management system. While this work occurs, construction parking has been displaced to Academy Road. As always if you have questions or concerns, please email Northern Rivers' Project Manager at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


March 11, 2019

 inside updates 3.11.19  (7).JPG   inside updates 3.11.19  (15).JPG

This week painters will be on-site to begin priming the walls of the Behavioral Health Care Center. 

February 26, 2019

The Residential Treatment Center project was presented to the City of Albany Planning Board, Tuesday, February 26.  We anticipate having approval  March 26th.